Intelligent Exercise, Profound Results®

Pilates by Design, a STOTT PILATES® and ZEN*GA™ Studio in Northwest Austin

Pilates by Design is dedicated to you!

We encourage you to look around the site, learn about the STOTT PILATES® difference, and come visit us for this intelligent, effective and fun workout!

1. About the Studio:
Pilates by Design, LLC is a high quality home studio that offers impeccable STOTT PILATES® and ZEN*GA™ training. We have two dedicated Pilates rooms and offer equipment privates and duets as well as mat classes. We offer a supportive, nurturing space where we want you to grow, be fit, and inspired to life long fitness and wellness.

2. Why We are Different:
We train bodies to be balanced and integrated from head to toes! This is especially needed as we age and with any repetitive sports and training. We know that when your can move with ease, your life will likely flow more effortlessly and you are likely to experience more energy and joy. (Along with improved posture, healthier bones, decreased injury, improved overall wellness and aging, etc)

3. Our Promise/ Goals:
Your time here is about you. It's your time to grow, get fit, get inspired. We design each session and class specifically for you, your fitness goals, and your body type. We want you to leave each class feeling fitter, more motivated, and energized!